Felt Jute Rug Pad adds Comfort to Florida Family Room

September 29th, 2010
felt jute rug pad for hard floors

Superior felt jute rug pad adds comfort

We love to hear of a customer’s happiness with one of our rug pads and Jane from Florida wrote in recently about her experience with our Superior 40 ounce felt jute rug pad for hard floors.  When she initially ordered the rug pad, she made it a point to let us know that she wanted the pad to add protection to her rug and to make her hard tile floor feel not so hard! Since slipping was not an issue because her rug was weighed down by family room furniture, she didn’t need a rug pad with rubber. The following is the email we received from Jane one week after she received her Superior felt jute rug pad:

I was sick and tired of the thin rug pads with the holes that I see in every store I go to. I had one for a year and I remember buying it in two pieces because it only came as big as 6′x9′. Anyway, using this type of rug pad did not add any comfort to this already hard floor! Then, when I read about what this kind of rug pad can mark my floor over time, I removed it and searched for a better solution.

I discovered Rug Pad Corner and it is the only web site truly with the information I wanted to see. There was information on what size rug pad to buy, what type of rug pad to buy based on my floor type, what each of your rug pads does, virtually everything I needed to know about buying the right rug pad. I decided on the Superior felt jute rug and I called you to confirm my decision. Sam was kind enough to let me know I made an excellent choice, so I went ahead and ordered the Superior rug pad.

Not more than two days later, my rug pad arrived. Immediately through the heavy plastic wrapping I can see that they difference between this rug pad and my old thin one was like night and day! I opened the plastic, unwrapped the rug pad and spread it on my family room floor. This was not your big box store rug pad by any means and now I know why I couldn’t find this anywhere else! The rug pad is very plush and dense and not one that would fit on store shelves, like all the others I see in stores. Once my rug was spread out over this rug pad, I couldn’t believe how the rug just came to life on the floor!

We are a family of four and we really use the family room. On the first night of having this rug pad, we couldn’t resist trying it out. We all sat on the rug on the floor and started watching TV. My kids commented on how much more comfortable the floor is now with this rug pad. And, I commented to my husband on how nice it is to have a rug pad without any odor!

I read about the fact that Superior felt rug pad does not contain any chemicals, glues or adhesives and when I call your company, Sam confirmed this and told me to smell the rug pad when I receive it. I did and there was absolutely no odor – A big plus for us since the kids have been sitting on the floor more often now with this rug pad.

You made a believer out of me and I want to that you at Rug Pad Corner for adding the comfort this family room needed! We are buying two more rugs for other rooms and I will be back for your Superior felt jute rug pad soon. Thanks a million!

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